Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration
BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration refers to the bachelor’s degree course in business management studies. This degree has achieved worldwide recognition and universities worldwide have begun offering BBA programme The BBA program at CBS Group of Institutions is directed at preparing students for the challenges of supervisory and middle-level management positions in the public or private sector. The BBA programme at CBS blends the three core disciplines of management, communication and information system into a balanced program providing the contemporary manager with effective skills. In addition, the program offers general business courses to broaden the prospective manager’s knowledge base.

Management education can play a crucial role in turning the wheel of success in the present market. Globalization and international inter-dependence have brought forth challenges and opportunities before the Indian Economy and this is where management studies prove to be the most significant driver. In this rapidly changing society, there are a lot more opportunities for students who have gained the competence to apply their knowledge and skill to business strategy. 

We at CBS Group of Institutions aim at realizing the following objectives 
    • To communicate effectively through writing and in interpersonal communication.
    • To use information and communication technology effectively.
    • To make informed decisions in the selection, utilization and evaluation of information technology.
    • To interate and manage administrative systems.
    • To apply contemporary theories of organizational behavior.
    • To manage administrative function with respect to planning, organizing, staffing and controlling.