Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines, since civil engineers in one form or another have been around ever since humans started building major public works such as roads, bridges, tunnels, and large public buildings. It is also an incredibly broad discipline, spanning treatment of environmental issues, transportation, power generation, major structures etc. As the world becomes more sophisticated, so arises need to create and maintain a sustainable environment for future generations. This is the challenge being faced by today’s civil engineers. Studying a graduate course in Civil Engineering offers chance to understand the diversity of activity and skills that civil engineers are involved in. Projects, such as The Delhi and Hyderabad airport are the handiwork of talented and enthusiastic civil engineers. Seize your chance to be one of them by studying a graduate program in civil engineering at CBS Group of Institutions.The Institute has provided a good grooming ground for Civil Engineering by making available ISO certified instruments in various well-equipped laboratories.

The labs at CBS College included in Civil Engineering are:

Structural Analysis Lab, Fluid Mechanics Lab, Surveying Lab, Concrete Lab.