Interviews Tips / Questions


  • a)Loudly 
  • b)Clearly 
  • c) Slowly
  • You need to make sure that you arrive and are ready to take the phone call about 15 minutes before the scheduled interview time. Please make sure the phone is not busy (or engaged) about 10 minutes before the scheduled interview time.
  • Have a pen and paper ready to take notes during the interview with your resume and verify the resume experience.
  • Be calm and composed before and during the interview.
  • Be enthusiastic during the interview. Smile. They can definitely hear it in your voice.
  • Provide direct and complete answers to all questions that are asked of you. Always research the client’s website before the interview to get an idea of the client’s business.
  • Wait for the interviewer to finish talking and then respond to the question.
  • The interviewer begins the conversation with “How are you doing?” You need to respond back with “Fine. How about you?”
  • You need to end the interview with. “Thanks for your time. It was nice talking to you and I look forward to being a part of your project”.
  • Anticipate what the interviewer is looking for and provide intelligent answers to satisfy the interviewer’s questions. If you have not worked on a particular software or version, do not answer saying “No”. Say that you have worked on a similar product or that you are a quick learner and some of the other things you would bring to the table.
  • Never use the words “involved in”. This implies that someone else did the work and that you were assisting them. Either say “I was responsible for”, if you were in charge of the work, or “I carried out” if you were part of the team carrying out the work.
  • Make sure that you check with the recruiter/sales representative as to what the interviewer’s expectations are and make sure that you provide a suitable start date.
  • Highlight any special training or certifications you have.
  • Never discuss personal issues.

Interview Question Bank

    1.Please introduce yourself.
    2. Tell us something about yourself other than what is given in your C.V.
    3. Describe your summer training.
    4. How have you prepared for this selection process?
    5. If you have not been selected by any company so far, what do you think might be the reasons? How are you making yourself selectable?
    6. What are your career objectives?
    7. What do you know about out company and its competitors?
    8. Are you a team player?
    9. Describe a situation where you had a conflict with someone in an academic or professional situation? How did you resolve it?
    10. Do you prefer to work independently or in a group?
    11. Give me three adjectives that describe you?
    12. Here is my pen. Sell it to me.
    13. How do you spend your leisure time?
    14. How much money do you need to make you happy?
    15. How would a friend/family member/supervisor/professor describe you?
    16. Would you work best with a male or female manager?
    17. If you were the interviewer and I was the candidate, what kind of questions you want to ask me?
    18. If you could go back and do it over again, what would you change About your college education?
    19. If you could have three magical wishes, what would they be?
    20. Do you ever lose your temper?
    21. If you had to live your life over again, what would you change?
    22. Name any book you’ve read in the past six months?
    23. Sell me something in this room, anything.
    Talk about a failure you had. How did you overcome it?
    25. Tell me what you know about our organization/company?
    26. What are some of the reasons for your success?
    27.Do you read newspaper everyday?
    28. What are the headlines in today’s news paper?
    29. What kind of supervisor/boss do you prefer?
    30. What have you done to prepare for this interview?
    31. Why are you looking for in this job?
    32. What qualities do you admire most in others?
    33. What qualities do you feel a successful engineer/manager should have?
    34. What skills can you bring to this position?
    35. What type of person would you hire for this position?
    36. Can you tell me something about the company’s management system?
    37. How the organization encourages personal and professional growth?
    38. How does the company get feedback from its employees?
    39. How do supervisors see their role in this company?
    40. How often are performance reviews given?
    41. Are you a goal – oriented person?
    42. Are you an innovative person?
    43. What are your extra curricular activities and achievements?
    44. How does an employee get promoted?
    45. What are the challenges facing this organization?
    46. What are your growth projections for next year?
    47. What kind of growth is projected for the department/organization in the next 2/3/4/5 years?
    48. What personal qualities or characteristics are most important for success in this job?
    49. Are you willing to work overtime?
    50. What would you change about this organization if you could?
    51. What’s the company’s dress code?
    52. Where do you foresee the company in five years?
    53. Who are the stars, and how did they reach that spot?
    54. Define success?
    55. What steps have you taken in the past year to improve your overall Performance ? Why?
    56. What is your greatest fear?
    57. What courses/subjects have you enjoyed the most during college and Why ?
    58. Tell me about some of your recent goals and what you did to achieve Them?
    59. Of which of your personal traits and characteristics are you most Proud , and why?