President’s Message


While penning down this message, I am getting nostalgic about my college life. First of all, I welcome you all to CBS Group of Institutions. I wish to convey my heartiest felicitations to all the students who have come out with flying colors in their last academic exams. I know, you had to shed a lot of sweat to come to the present state of your career and you got the chance to enter into the college life.

Taking a correct and calculated decision to choose one’s career path is very difficult. But I am sure , you must have introspected enough and finally dared to take the decision to pursue the career you have chosen. Once you have made up your mind, you must go ahead – plan and work hard to achieve the goal which you have set for yourself because lackluster attitude towards career gives birth to failure. Regularity, hard work and practical training are of utmost importance in exams and career. Mind you, hard work never goes waste , it surely brings desired results. With changing economic scenario, it is time that students change their mindset & approach and develop skill in as many areas as possible. This is an era of skill oriented and techno-savvy professionals where you have to develop your personality in a multifarious manner. Students need to remain updated about the latest developments and trends.

Developing effective communication skills is another equally important area as it serves the master key to get the best placements. In order to hone professional and communication skills, CBS GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS will be running a personality development programme for our budding technocrats and business executives. It is our responsibility and commitment to provide students easy access to the best possible facilities for academic excellence, cultural and sports activities. Today our students need many more skills than just good marks to succeed in professional and personal life. We as management and you as students have to accept and address the winds of change and challenges that come in our way.

To-day, in the midst of stress and strain, tension, competition, you must have self-control against various distractions, your studies should not suffer, It is up to you to make a choice, whether you would like to do things which are right or things which are wrong; choice, whether to be happy or not to be happy. You will be the master of your own life. Preserve age old values and family traditions and ultimately, become a good human being. You should be eager to learn new things all the time. You must try to build up an attitude of learning. Learning leads to intellectual and spiritual development which in turn leads to a life that is meaningful and fulfilling, a life that will bring peace and harmony all around.

Believe in your abilities and dream big, nothing is impossible. One should identify one’s weakness; work hard on such area and hone strong points so that success story can be written in bold letters. Hopefully, your unflinching efforts will earn you success in your cherished goal.

I hope our honest intentions and actions of providing the modern facilities and your hard work coupled together will help translating our vision and mission and your dreams in to reality and bring glory to you, we and all concerned.

Wish you a bright future.